02/2020. IR reciever.

ir_reciever_diagram(by AD3D)
noname_7in1(by AD3D)


02/2020. IR transmitter.

ir_reciever_diagram(by AD3D)


02/2020. IR device parts

Electronic parts

x Name Info
1 Arduino Nano Mega168P 5V 16Mhz
1 TSOP4838 IR sensor
1 10K resistor for the button
1 150ohm resistor for the IR LED
1 IR LED for sending the code
1 Push button to send the code
1 14x20h DS 60x40mm PCB PCB for the Nano and the connectors

Construction parts and code

x Name Info
JST connectors ...
electric wire ...
nuts and bolts construction material
Diode Bezel Holder for the IR LED
x Name Info
1 ir_reciever_01.ino Arduino code for the reciever
1 ir_transmitter_01.ino Arduino code for the transmitter
1 IRremote library
Arduino Nano (by AD3D)
IR (TSOP4828) sensor (by AD3D)
Button (by AD3D)
resistors (by AD3D)
60x40mm pcb (by AD3D)
JST connectors (by AD3D)
IR LED (by AD3D)


02/2020. IR device result

ir_reciever_result01(by AD3D)
magic_lighting_code(by AD3D)
lightstrip_remote_01_code(by AD3D)

ir_transmitter_result01(by AD3D)
The IR transmitter result.




Small webserver

Charging Li-Ion


3D design