ENC28J60 on a Nano (ATmega328P) as webserver



1/2019. GH03 Part list

Arduino Nano (ATmega328P)
4 way relayboard
MP1584EN module
Four switches (4 buttons and 10K resistors)
12 volt powersupply



1/2019. GH03 Diagram

The GH03 diagram.

An Arduino Nano (ATmega328P), ENC28J60 and a MP1584EN module on an 6 x 8 cm pcb with JST connectors.

One 6 pin and an 2 pin connector for the relay board.
An 6 pin for the switches, and an 3 pin connector for the analoge input.
There is also a connector for the 12 volt power input and a connector for the I2C for the LCD.

The Arduino Nano is placed under the ENC28J60.


1/2019. GH03 Code

The Arduino code and the used libraries.

The open-source Arduino Software -Arduino IDE
EtherCard is a driver for the Microchip ENC28J60 chip -EtherCard-master
SSD1306 driver is Arduino style C/C++ library -ssd1306-1.7.12
the Arduino Time Library -Time-master

Node-RED flow and the node to use.

Flow-based programming for the Internet of Things -Node-RED
node-red-contrib-schedex -schedex


1/2019. GH03 Black page

Works with Arduino Nano ATmega328P (not the Atmega168P)
Code needs lot of work. (jan 2019)

Don't forget to set the IDE on old bootloader.

Need to find a good solution (jul 2019) to reset the date on the display.
Add an option (jul 2019) to disable the display.

Old diagram.

Image partly made with Fritzing



3D design