02/2020. cartooth develop

Basic idea...

A toy car, controlled by using an Android mobile phone instead of any other method like buttons, gesture etc.
We only need to touch a button on the Android phone to control the car in all directions.

A Bluetooth module placed in the car is used as receiver. The Android phone will transmit a command using it's in-built Bluetooth to the car so that it can move in the required direction.


02/2020. cartooth diagram


02/2017. CarTooth result

See it run


02/2020. cartooth parts

The Android App Cartooth V 1.0

The Arduino code for the offroad buggy

Construction parts

x Name Info
1 Arduino Nano AtMega168 16m on 5Volt
1 HC-05 Blutooth module
1 L293D Small motor Driver
4 1.5 volt battery Power for the toy car
1 Toy car ...
Arduino Nano (by AD3D)
HC05 Bluetooth (by AD3D)
L298n (by AD3D)
AA battery pack (by AD3D)
Toycar (by AD3D)