BLS01 webpage look (by AD3D)

03/2020. esp_base01_bls parts

Electronic parts

x Name Info
1 ESPBase01 the base of the device
1 pushbutton switch the state
1 resistors 68 for the LED
1 LED ...
1 JST female connector 1x6 to connect the button and the LED
electric wire ...
ESPBase01 (by AD3D) resistor (by AD3D) led (by AD3D) push button (by AD3D) JST connectors (by AD3D)


03/2020. esp_base01_bls design

This size fits the box....

espbase01 3D view 03 (by AD3D)


espbase01 3D view 01 (by AD3D)


espbase01 3D view 02 (by AD3D)


03/2020. esp_base01_bls diagram

The ESP01 base BLS diagram.

espbase01 bls (by AD3D)


03/2020. esp_base01_bls manual

The Arduino code and the used libraries.

Install the used drivers and upload the code (raw) to the ESP8266.

The open-source Arduino Software -Arduino IDE
A client library for the Arduino Ethernet Shield that provides support for MQTT. -pubsubclient
Debouncing library for Arduino and Wiring -Bounce2
ESP8266 WiFi Connection manager with web captive portal -WiFiManager

Program it through the Arduino IDE.

manual for ESPProTool01 (by AD3D)

After you click the "upload" button in Arduino, it will start compiling your program.
At this time: press and HOLD the"PRGM" button (brown), esp8266-buttons
tap the "RSET" button and RELEASE the "PRGM" button when the Arduino IDE finishes the compile.

Reset the device manual. Run the BLS01-AP on a WiFi enabled device and use the WifiManager to connect to your network. You can find the current IP of the BLS in the MQTT message.

Node-RED flow.

Flow-based programming for the Internet of Things -Node-RED

Node-RED dashboard look (by AD3D) Node-RED bls01 flow (by AD3D)


03/2020. esp_base01_bls result

ESPProTool01 result01 (by AD3D)
The BLS ready to switch a state ....

When off...

Webside page when off (by AD3D)

And on...

Webside page when on (by AD3D)