design_iad07 (by AD3D)
Design the IAD07 (by AD3D)

10/2019. IAD07 parts

Electronic parts

x Name Info
1 NodeMCU 12E Basic IAD module
3 700mA leddriver for the RGB driver
1 3W RGB LED (6pin) the LED
1 Pushbutton the power switch
1 5v relay module to switch the power on/off
1 powersupply 5V-2A for the 5 Volt input
1 14x20 ds 60x40mm PCB PCB for the NodeMCU

Construction parts

x Name Info
1 12 x 12cm x 1 mm aluminium base plate for the LED
1 12 x 12cm x 1 mm thick white styrene construction plate for the powersupply
2 8,5 x 10cm x 1 mm thick white styrene base plate for the NodeMCU and Relay module
electric wire ...
nuts and bolts construction material
NodeMCU ESP12 (by AD3D)
3 watt RGB LED (by AD3D)
700mA leddriver (by AD3D)
Power button (by AD3D)
relay board (by AD3D)
Powersupply (by AD3D)
60x40mm pcb (by AD3D)


10/2019. IAD07 design

First steps of the IAD07 design.

Bottom view...

Top view...


10/2019. IAD07 diagram

The basic IAD diagram.

A NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E module) on an 5 x 7 cm pcb with JST connectors.
One for the RGB LED drivers, the switch, the relay and the power input.
As option I2C and one analoge input.


10/2019. IAD07 progress

Work in progress.

...but almost working.


10/2019. IAD07 result

The result.

The IAD07 working.