02/2020. esp_base01 parts

Electronic parts

x Name Info
1 ESP8266-01 the device
1 FTDI FT232RL USB to serial module
1 2 way jumper select power from FTDI or supply
1 6x28h 20x80mm pcb to mount it al on
1 mp1584en for the extern power supply
2 pushbutton program and reset button
1 10uf condensator stable the vcc
1 resistors 330 for RX port
4 resistors 3k3 to set things right!
1 JST connector 1x4 to connect an I2C device
2 JST connector 1x6 to connect diverse things
1 pcb headers 2x4 for the ESP
1 pcb headers x6 for the FTDI FT232RL

Construction parts

x Name Info
electric wire ...
nuts and bolts construction material
USB UART driver driver for the FTDI FT232RL
ESP8266-01 (by AD3D) FTDI FT232RL (by AD3D) mp1584en (by AD3D) DC input adapter (by AD3D) resistors 3k3 (by AD3D) capacitater 10uf 25volt (by AD3D) 6x28h ds 20x80mm pcb (by AD3D) 2 way jumper (by AD3D) mini push button (by AD3D) JST connectors (by AD3D) pcb headers 2x4 (by AD3D) pcb headers 1x6 (by AD3D)


02/2020. esp_base01 design

This size fits the box....

espbase01 3D view 03 (by AD3D)


espbase01 3D view 01 (by AD3D)


espbase01 3D view 02 (by AD3D)


02/2020. esp_base01 diagram

The ESP01 base diagram.

espbase01 module (by AD3D)


02/2020. esp_base01 manual

manual for ESPProTool01 (by AD3D)

Program it through the Arduino IDE.

After you click the "upload" button in Arduino, it will start compiling your program.
At this time: press and HOLD the"PRGM" button (brown), esp8266-buttons
tap the "RSET" button and RELEASE the "PRGM" button when the Arduino IDE finishes the compile.

(note) I call this one a base because I am going to use this in a few more projects. Like a button/switch device or a sensor device. Or a minimini webserver. esp8266_bls


02/2020. esp_base01 result

The result.

ESPProTool01 result01 (by AD3D)
The esp_base01 ready for some code and ....