acdc_meter01 (by AD3D)

12/2019. AC/DC sensor parts

Electronic parts

x Name Info
1 Arduino Pro Mini Mega328P 5V 16Mhz
1 ACS712 Current sensor
1 Voltage sensor Or just some resistors
1 1306 OLED 0.96 inch, 128 x 64 display
3 banana plug A red (IP+), green (IP-) and black (GND) one
1 Micro pushbutton For the sensor to calibrate
2 Toggle switch One for the flow and one to selecht AC or DC
1 micro usb module for the 5 Volt input
1 10x24 ds 30x70mm PCB PCB for the Pro Mini

Construction parts and code

x Name Info
1 12 x 17cm x 1.6 mm thick white styrene case plate
electric wire ...
nuts and bolts construction material
x Name Info
1 DC_Volt_AC DC_Current Sensor.ino Arduino code
1 ACS712 library
1 ssd1306 library
Arduino Pro Mini (by AD3D)
ACS712 sensor (by AD3D)
Voltage_sensor (by AD3D)
OLED display (by AD3D)
Plug (by AD3D)
Mini push button (by AD3D)
micro usb module (by AD3D)
30x70mm pcb (by AD3D)
JST connectors (by AD3D)


12/2019. AC/DC sensor design

In 22 steps, make and Bending parts for the ACS712 AC/DC Current Sensor(rev002) design.


12/2019. AC/DC sensor diagram

The basic AC/DC sensor diagram.

An Arduino Pro Mini 328, 5V and 16Mhz on an 3 x 7 cm pcb with JST connectors.

One 3 way JST for the calibrate button and one 3 way JST for the AC/DC switch.
One 3 way JST for the ACS712 sensor and one 3 way JST for the voltage sensor.
One 2 way JST for the power input.
And two 4 way JST for the I2C where one is used for the OLED.


12/2019. AC/DC sensor progress

All the electronic parts.

Sensors on the Pro Mini module.

Upload some code to the Nano.

Info on OLED before calibrate.

Create some code with the Arduino IDE.

The layout on the white styrene.

Long sides are bend at first.

And the case around all the electronic parts.


12/2019. IAD06 result

The Volt and AC/DC current sensor/meter working.




Small webserver

Charging Li-Ion


3D design